Stats about Auto-Tweeting Your Posts show 50% more leads

When discussing Tweets technique, “auto” is usually a four-letter term. Auto-tweeting is one of the greatest impermissibles on Tweets – or is it?

Some new statistics recommend that organizations that auto-tweet their websites produce 50 percent more delivers than organizations that do not.

HubSpot analyzed the public networking routines of more than 3,000 B2B and B2C organizations. And they found that perhaps auto-tweeting is not the pariah that more persons think it is.

Companies that auto-publish their websites to public networking information generally see 50% more delivers than those that do not.

blog auto publish lead

And here is one for us HootSuite, Buffer or other public networking posting device users: those companies that routine their public networking content using these resources produced 3 times as many brings as those that do not.


HubSpot has put together some guidelines on making the most of this data.

For example, they recommend improving the name of your websites for public networking. Use search phrases that are appropriate to the subject and your product, and keep in mind to keep it tweetable: under 120 figures so that individuals can twitter it with a shorter weblink (under 100 is our recommendation).

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